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Project Patenting

We at Codewell help you patent your projects and protect your right and ownership over it.

Who We Are.What We Do

In today’s world the demand for technology professionals is fueled by growth in mobile solutions, cloud computingEven today, demand for IT workers outpaces supply, in part due to the limited number of college graduates with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math degrees. Given the fact that most primary schools haven’t added coding to the curriculum ,our goal here at Codewell Computers is to demystify computer science and help students gain the skills and       confidence required to become tomorrow’s technology leaders.

We are a comprehensive teaching platform for students to learn Computer Science. We provide well-based Courses and Professional Development.We specialize in training young minds to code and learn electronics.

Looking for a place to learn, build and develop your programming knowledge or even to kick-start your own career in programming? You’ve come to the right place.

What Our Students Say About Us...

 Overall a great experience, I would highly recommend it.Made a lot of new friends and had a great time 


I REALLY enjoyed this workshop made a lot of new friends. The teachers here are very approachable and helpful


Truly one of the best platforms in Goa to kick start your career  in the Technology domain.


It was a good experience, a great platform to improve your skill set under the guidance of some skilled instructors.


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